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What Jen Does

Jen Atkins provides Coaching, Workshops, Mentoring Programs, Live Talks and Retreats to Empower You to create the best version of your own life – today!

  • Discover Your Heart-felt Calling
  • Build a Business that Makes a Positive Difference
  • Be the BEST version of you – Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually
  • Earn More Money Doing What You Love
  • Meet & Connect with Others Just Like You

By drawing on her wealth of knowledge in; Performance Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Business Development and Strategy…

Jen’s clients are thriving and building successful businesses doing what they love! Read more.

A Personal Message from Jen Atkinswebphoto jenesis half day workshop

Hi there!

Jen here, and I’m so thrilled you found my website!

Thrilled because what you have stumbled across, is a tangible opportunity to really start living the best version of your own life – today.

Big call I know. Just give me 1 minute of your time, and you’ll understand why…

For nearly 10 years, I have devoted myself to causing breakthroughs in my clients’ lives – professionally and personally.

As an Entrepreneur, Transformational Coach, Trainer and Speaker, I have integrated a wealth of knowledge in; Performance Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Business Strategy to help hundreds of people experience benefits such as:

  • Crystal Clarity on their inspiring versions of life.
  • Stepping into their Leadership Potential to positively impact peoples’ lives.
  • Earning More Money by building a business doing what they love
  • Increased Confidence & Inspiration to live their life on purpose.
  • Deepened Relationships with their partners, friends, and family.
  • Experiencing Greater Calm and emotional balance throughout their day.
  • Go Beyond their Personal Limits and fears that hold them back from having the life they want.

And more importantly – they experience what it is to truly love their life as a whole!

So if you:

  • Have Lost Your Mojo and Zest for your career or some other part of your life.
  • Are Stuck with Money Problems no matter how hard you try to resolve them.
  • Experience Confusion with Where to Start in order to get better long-term results in your business, relationships, and health.
  • Feel Like Your Relationships Are a Mess and want better connection and harmony.
  • Are Stressed out, Dissatisfied, Overwhelmed and just generally run down.
  • Feel Helpless to Find a Solution for those emotional bouts of doubt, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.

Trust me when I say – you are not alone, and there is a way to go beyond all that.

But we have to work together on it.

You see, I’ve personally walked the rocky road of business, entrepreneurship, and self-fulfillment. Along the way, I have managed to; build 3 successful business of my own from scratch, travel the world, and spend quality time with my very own soul-mate.

“I’ve Harvested Special Gems Which I Can Share with You”


Today – I am on a mission… to empower YOU, to live out the best version of your own life.

If this feels right for you, then jump on in by going to the bottom of this page and book in for a consultation. It’s FREE.

See you on the other side! 🙂

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Jen Atkins


(P.S. “Jenesis” is a play on the word “Genesis” of course, which means the origin or birth of something new. For you, that means committing to make the rest of your life, the best of your life)

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